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Behind the Microphone

Hi, my name is Christian Edoria.

I'm the creator of this Podcast and my company Impact Complex.  I'm a financial professional that loves visual storytelling.

If you want to collaborate, pitch an idea for a business, or have a general conversation, please email me at

Thanks for watching and listening!


Certified Management Accountant, #44347

The CMA designation certifies the holder is highly educated in advanced theoretic and advanced principles in financial, investment, and risk management. Within the last four years, the CMA has a worldwide pass rate of 31% to 35%, and is one of the most prestigious certifications a finance and accounting professional can obtain.


CTEC Registered Tax Preparer, #A260703

I'm licensed to prepare both federal and state* income tax returns including all individual and business tax forms. I'm required by Federal and California law to maintain 20 hours of continuing education a year in order to stay educated on the most recent tax laws and revisions.


IMA East Bay Board of Director

Served on the IMA East Board Board of Directors (Social Media and Webmaster).  In addition, won the 2019 IMA Global Film competition. 

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